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Financial consulting

Financial consulting services focus on improving a company’s financial efficiency. The purpose of financial consulting depends on a customer’s needs and can range from one-off consultation to developing a long-term financial strategy. Financial consulting can focus on the current situation and optimizing available resources; it can also focus on long-term development prospects.


A budgeting system is a set of interrelated budget forms and rules for compilation and analysis. Implementing a structured budgeting system enables a company to be managed over the long, medium and short term, as well as exert certain control over planned performance indicators. Moreover, middle managers can be engaged in this process by being assigned responsibility for functional budgets.

A budgeting system can serve as the basis for a staff incentive system through its connection to financial performance indicators.

Assessing the model’s effectiveness

This model involves a comparison of the costs and benefits of a project from the perspective of different actors (e.g., investors, owners, state authorities and local government).

Finance modelling

The financial model is a system of interrelated spreadsheets in a Microsoft Excel format and presents income flows, project costs and other performance indicators.

The financial model is a tool to test the durability of different versions of a project’s implementation. It can be implemented by analyzing the project’s sensitivity to changes in input parameters.

Financial and economic expertise

Financial and economic expertise is a formed and reflected in financial transaction accounting carried out in an organization.

This process involves analysis of financial and business activities, including financial transactions and performance. Numerous types of activity, including financial, credit, and tax are included in such research.

Experts at the Centre for Applied Economics have both legal and non-legal backgrounds.

Financial condition analysis

The main purpose of financial analysis of a company is to assess the current state of the organization and identify potential development opportunities.

Analysis allows a company’s management to make timely and informed decisions that promote business development.

Setting the management accounting system

Management accounting is an ordered system of collecting, recording and summarizing information on a company's operations in natural and monetary value. This process can be implemented in any stage of a company’s development.

The first step in setting the management accounting system is to audit the current state of the system in terms of methodology. The next stage involves implementing the system’s management accounting.

The key purpose is to implement control processes and make informed and timely management decisions.

Investment consulting

A number of issues related to long-term investment for profit concern investment consulting.

Investment consulting can be interesting for potential investors and companies that plan to attract investment.

Specialists from the Centre for Applied Economics can offer different services to potential investors, including comprehensive diagnostics.

For business owners who are planning to raise funds, experts can prepare an investment memorandum; this document can demonstrate the project’s investment attractiveness to potential partners.


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