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Human resources management

Human resources management covers a number of areas, including staff assessment, setting up an educational system, corporate culture management, carrying out activities aimed at staff productivity, and succession planning.

Personnel assessment

This is one of the most important processes in HR management. A number of serious management decisions are based on the results of professional events, for example, establishing a succession pool, staff appointments, etc.

‘Assessment Centre’ approach

Our experts use this method because it involves carrying out a complex staff assessment in a company. The ‘Assessment Centre’ approach is able to show employee competence in a given area.

The range of services includes:

  • development of technology assessment procedures for management positions
  • development of assessment procedures for different categories of line workers
  • development of a permanent operating system, introduction of a staff appraisal system into the company’s general management
  • development of criteria for staff evaluations
  • development of incentives for the staff evaluation system

Setting up an educational system

This is one of the most important processes aimed at increasing labour productivity.

The range of services includes:

  • educational system audit
  • assessment of available staff
  • setting up a training system, establishing corporate universities and training centres
  • selecting and training internal trainers
  • establishing KPIs;
  • establishing a personnel reserve system
  • establishing business processes with a complete set of training programmes for individual areas (e.g., sales, service, call centres, etc.)

Corporate culture

Corporate culture is an important part of every company. It serves like a ‘thread’ connecting all organization processes in a company, starting with responses to corporate letters and ending with techniques to achieve specific tasks.

The range of services in corporate culture management includes:

  • audit of the corporate culture management system
  • establishing a corporate culture control system
  • developing a mission, values, corporate standards and traditions
  • establishing corporate culture elements in HR processes: training, recruitment, adaptation, staff assessment

Improving personnel efficiency

A company’s effectiveness depends on the efficiency of the people involved in its operations. The quality of final and intermediate operating results depends on the speed and quality of work and on the implementation of business processes.

Consultation includes:

  • a study of business challenges
  • an audit and/or diagnostics of staff involved in solving business problems
  • defining a company's needs in terms of changes, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and identifying potential growth areas
  • making work recommendations to strengthen advantages and neutralize risk areas
  • determining the list of activities required to carry out the recommendations

Personnel reserve

Establishment of a personnel reserve is a process that allows a company to plan its operations over the long term.

Consultation includes:

  • setting business objectives for an organization
  • setting goals for the personnel reserve
  • implementing a management process for personnel reserve
  • describing competences for the personnel reserve
  • assessing the competence of potential personnel reserve participants and determining methods for their development
  • identifying methods to motivate personnel reserve graduates
  • training performers involved in staff training


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