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A range of issues related to marketing can be handled by our specialists. In addition to traditional services, such as marketing and sociological research based on analysis of primary and secondary information, we offer marketing consulting services.

Field study

The field study is a most important source of information to learn about the needs.

Research programme elaboration

This is the basis for any research and includes stating the initial hypothesis, collecting and analyzing data, as well as determining methods and a work plan for the study. The volume depends on various factors, for example the aims and objectives of the study, the interests of the customer, and the methodological approaches to the study.

Organizing and monitoring field work data collection

During the field work the staff works at local sites, controls the process of questioning, completes forms to record observations and combines the received data for further processing.

Field staff members include interviewers, workers who send questionnaires, supervisors and other employees whose functions are to collect data and monitor the process.

Our experts offer different kinds of surveys:

  • Street surveys
  • Door enquiries
  • Phone surveys
  • Internet surveys (online surveys, online focus groups)
  • In-depth interviews
  • Expert interviews
  • Observations
Desk study

Desk study is a process of data collection and analysis that is based on secondary information resulting from other studies. Desk study can be an independent marketing study or can be conducted at a preliminary stage of primary data collection.

Secondary information analysis can be divided into the following types:

  • Statistics information analysis
  • Document qualitative analysis
  • Document content analysis

Marketing consulting

Market potential assessment

This process involves an assessment of potential maximum production and consumer market opportunities.

Development of a system to evaluate marketing activities

A system to evaluate marketing activities is developed to ensure that an economic entity has reached a specified level of sales, profit and other goals that are set in an organization’s strategic plans.

Marketing strategy development includes three elements:

  1. Market segmentation
  2. Targeting strategy
  3. Sales strategy

Four aspects are included in complex marketing strategy development:

  • Product strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Promotion

Experts from the Centre for Applied Economics offer:

  • Development of promotion and media planning plans
  • Development of sales plans and marketing strategies as a part of the business plan
  • Marketing function outsourcing

Industry profile

This work involves studying the economic sector’s condition and is aimed at assessing a particular company’s competitiveness.

Industry profile can be part of a business plan or independent research.

Both can be divided into the following types:

  • Identify the industry’s driving forces
  • The purpose of analyzing the driving forces is to identify the main reasons that have led to the changes in the industry.
  • Assessment of key market parameters (volume, capacity, opportunity)
  • Forecast of market dynamic development and its key parameters
  • Market analysis from the demand side
  • Market analysis from the supply side


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